At 4ward we view our business as a people business – you may be buying a small outlet, but the relationship, advice and service we deliver will mean you will view us as the only Lagos or Abuja agent to contact the next time you are buying, renting or selling.

Our staff all multi-skill, dealing with the letting and selling of prime apartments and homes so that they can offer you a complete package of advice – and action, when required.

Investors benefit from this as they now only need one primary contact for all their Lagos or Abuja properties. Buyers and Tenants benefit as they are dealing with knowledgeable staff who will know exactly where to find your dream property.
4ward was founded in 2010 by Ademola Alfred Idowu. 

Having been in the industry since the mid 90’s, Ademola had become disillusioned with the negative practices which had soured the industry’s public image.  As a result of this, he made the decision to set up his own business which would build its reputation based on his professionalism and strong ethical values. 

Initially offering a “platinum” service to a select number of clients, 4ward proved to have a winning formula and after only one year, Temidayo Ilori was brought on board.  Sharing Ademola’s passion for excellence and strong work ethics, she played a fundamental role in expanding the company’s portfolio.

  • Make a good investment buy a house in USA for 50,000 to 100,000
  • Mortgage plan for Government employee, Blue Chips Employee & Reputable Private business owner.
  • Initial deposit of 30% of the cost of property, balance spread for a period of 30 years
  • Earn between one thousand and two thousand dollars ($1,000 – $2,000) monthly on the property, easily pay the mortgage from the monthly rent and still be left with a good sum of dollars in your domiciliary account.
  • A compulsory visit to the property title company in United States of America to enable you sight the property, sign the mortgage papers, closing documents and ownership transfer to the new owner (YOU).
  • You then have a second home in United States of America where you and your family can always travel to for holiday.